Healthcare data is a
healthcare advantage.

Insights into patient experiences that help you unlock real-world evidence data and fuel healthcare innovation.

Reshape the future of healthcare, one data point at a time.

Patient-generated data is key to advancing healthcare. But for many in the healthcare industry, collecting this data is nearly impossible. Journal My Health makes it easy. Our patient-facing mobile app captures your patients’ valuable health data while our proprietary data collection tool aggregates it into actionable insights—insights you need to drive innovation, increase efficiency, and transform health outcomes.

Drive Innovation

Analyze large datasets to gain insights into disease patterns, treatment effectiveness, and patient experiences and inform the development of new therapies, medical devices, and healthcare solutions.

Increase Efficiency

Proactively detect and prevent health issues, personalize treatment plans, and monitor patients remotely, resulting in more efficient delivery, reduced hospitalizations, and better resource allocation.

Transform Health Outcomes

Empower your patients to actively participate in their health journey, increasing treatment plan adherence, improving communication with providers, and creating a more patient-centered approach to care.

Share a branded version of our patient-approved mobile app with your patient population.

Patients love Journal My Health — in fact, the average user journals 3 times a week! We provide a marketing kit of everything you need to successfully onboard your patient population.

“I use Journal My Health to track PTSD and anxiety symptoms. The super easy interface really helps me to make the connection between my symptoms and the things I need to do to manage them.”  

Maya, Patient, 53

Collect and analyze patient-generated data easily with our dashboard.

Increase adherence and compliance 

Support care management programs

Select cost effective treatments

Support clinical decisions for value-based populations

“Our company depends on Journal My Health as our digital solution, from which we provide information and insights based on the aggregated user data.”

Dr. Rex Degnegaard, CareShare

Get a fuller picture of your patients with built-in integrations.

We know environmental factors like the weather and activity levels have an impact on patients’ health. Patients can automatically pull activity and weather data with built-in integrations, providing them — and you — with a fuller picture of their health.

Widely Used
Over 60% of our users have enabled integrations in their daily journals.

More Integrations
Have an integration idea for your patient population? We can implement it.

HIPAA Compliant
Security is a priority for us. Patient data is HIPAA-compliant and encrypted.

Use cases

Our platform is built for all players in the healthcare ecosystem, from clinical researchers to payers and value-based providers.

Journal My Health and Maternal Healthcare

Revolutionize prenatal and postpartum care by empowering expectant mothers to seamlessly document and share their healthcare experiences with their providers and payers.

Journal My Health and Clinical Research 

Redefine the approach to clinical research by capturing real-time data on participant experiences, unlocking real-world evidence, and advancing treatment effectiveness.

See how Journal My Health delivers insights about your patient population.

Learn how we leveraged anonymized data from the Journal My Health app to see a correlation between menstrual cycle and symptom severity for POTS patients.

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