Your health data is your health advantage.

Journal My Health is an easy-to-use app for capturing, learning from, and sharing your vital personal health information.

Simple tracking. Powerful insights.

Journal My Health makes it easier than ever to track, share and act upon your health data: getting you faster symptom relief and condition management.

Journal Daily

Keep tabs on symptoms, sleep, mood, and medications with a touch of your mobile device.

Spot Trends

Visualize your data to see what’s happening in your body, and compare health trends over time.

Integrate Wearables

Sync activity trackers and weather to gather data and monitor activity levels, heart rate, and environmental changes.

Communicate Easier

Send details health reports to your entire care team with one click.

Users love Journal My Health.

“Before using the Journal My Health app, I was recording what I could in a note-taking program, but it was time-consuming and limited. Journal My Health has streamlined the process and greatly expanded my options while simultaneously pulling health data from my smartwatch.” — Deborah Fields, Patient, 62

“When I saw my neurologist, she asked me about my headaches, and I blanked! So it’s really helpful to be able to pull up Journal My Health and say exactly when my headaches happened, and how severe they were.” —Sebena, Patient, 25

“I’m using this app to track PTSD and anxiety symptoms. The super easy interface really helps me to make the connection between my symptoms and the things I need to do to manage them.” — Google Play Review

“I have MG Autoimmune. Now I take medications all day, and have to watch for symptoms that can cause a crisis. This app helps me track everything: it’s easy to set up and use. Thank you.” — Google Play Review

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