Maternal Healthcare

Revolutionize your approach to maternal healthcare.

How we help

Journal My Health offers insights into prenatal and postpartum experiences that help providers and payers address gaps in care, monitor symptoms, and share data across healthcare teams.

We do this by connecting pregnant people with an intuitively-designed, consumer-tested mobile app, one that empowers them to actively participate in their care journey and share their daily health experiences in real-time. Our proprietary data collection tool aggregates your patient data to see maternal health on an individual and community level.

Unlock the benefits

Get insights into community health

Through the power of cumulative data points, get a comprehensive look into community and population-wide maternal health.

Proactively detect warning signs

 Insights into patient experiences allow you to proactively identify potential safety concerns during pregnancy and postpartum, facilitate early intervention, and minimize the risk of adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes.

Empower and engage pregnant people

By placing control in the hands of the patient, Journal My Health empowers pregnant people to participate in their care journey, increasing adherence to prenatal care recommendations and improving health outcomes.

Future-proof maternal healthcare

By gathering real-world insights into the maternal journey, Journal My Health informs the development of evidence-based practices and supports the design of future interventions to improve maternal health.