Clinical Research

Unlock real-world evidence and embrace the future of clinical research.

How we help

Journal My Health collects and aggregates in-depth participant data, providing clinical researchers with a wealth of real-world insights that can inform value-based research practices. 

Our intuitively-designed, consumer-tested mobile app encourages clinical trial participants to play an active role in their healthcare journey by making it easy to document their health outcomes, increasing overall adherence and participant engagement and retention. 

By analyzing participant experiences and outcomes, researchers can optimize study designs, tailor interventions to meet participants’ needs and deliver more effective and cost-efficient treatments.

Unlock the benefits

Insights into the real-world effectiveness

Journal My Health provides a rich dataset of participant experiences, including treatment adherence, symptom management, and quality of life, offering researchers invaluable insights into the real-world effectiveness and impact of medical interventions.

Detect and address potential safety concerns

By capturing real-time data on participant experiences, researchers can promptly detect and address potential safety concerns associated with investigational treatments.

Increase adherence and participant retention

Journal My Health encourages participants to participate in their clinical trial journey actively, adhere to study protocols, and remain enrolled in trials, reducing attrition rates and ensuring the timely completion of research studies.

Inform value-based research practices

By bridging the gap between clinical research and real-world participant experiences, Journal My Health enhances the validity and relevance of research findings, ultimately advancing the development of safe, effective, and patient-centered medical interventions.