Direct Primary Care

Cut to the heart of the matter with your patients’ data.

Journal My Health is an easy-to-use platform to help your patients better express and understand their symptoms, for more productive appointments with you.

Partner with Journal My Health, a proven, easy-to-use platform for your patients.

Patients choose which symptoms and treatments to track
They record daily entries with a few taps of a button
Using our robust reports, patients begin to see trends and correlations
Before or during an appointment, they easily share this info with you

We know you’re busy. That’s why we make it easy to:

Have More Productive Visits

Refer to factual information logged by patients to have more productive conversations around their unique trends, triggers, and symptoms.

Stay Top of Mind

Keep connected with your patients. We make it easy to send your patients tailored in-app messages with resources, announcements, offerings, and more.

Learn More About Your Patients

Your patients might not be telling you everything. Aggregate data gives you more information about their symptoms, trends, triggers, and environmental factors.

Handle All the Tech Support

We know you have enough on your plate. Get continuous feature updates, integration support, and tech support from our team of engineers.

Let’s Work Together

Easy Onboarding

We provide you with a branded marketing page to send to your patients. There, they download the Journal My Health app.

For Your Patients

Using self-reported data and integration with other apps, patients use Journal My Health’s robust reports to better describe their symptoms and triggers for a more data-driven conversation.

For Your Practice

As your patients begin tracking, you’ll see broader health trends within your practice, have more efficient appointments, with an option to send your patients in-app messages.

Always Secure

Journal My Health is HIPAA-compliant. Rest assured, individual data remains completely private: you will see anonymized data only.


Take advantage of competitive pricing as we build and scale our business.



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