Journal My Health Launches Android App Using Patient Data to Craft Personalized Health Stories

Free, personalized app helps patients improve their health outcomes by easily tracking symptoms and sharing reports of their health experience with providers Philadelphia, PA.  June 1, 2021 ⁠— Journal My Health – a health and wellness symptom tracking app designed to provide patients and their physicians more complete symptom awareness – has concluded private beta … Read more

Patient Power!

Sometimes understanding what is bothering someone and fixing it is pretty easy. Here is an example: They had a recent cold and now their ear hurts. I look into the ear and it is red and swollen. I give them antibiotics and a decongestant and they feel better. Done.  But so much of doctoring is … Read more

Can your Apple Watch tell you if you have COVID-19?

Can your Apple Watch and iPhone tell you if you have COVID-19? Apple Inc. is teaming up with the University of Washington’s School of Medicine and the Seattle Flu Study to answer this question. In a study that will take place over the next six months, researchers will attempt to detect early signs of respiratory illness with Apple Watches. … Read more