Overcoming America’s Troubling Track Record on Women’s Health

This month’s HLTH event in Las Vegas provided a fascinating glimpse into the state of healthcare and health technology. The growing shift to both telehealth and value-based care were seemingly everywhere. Nestled squarely within these trends was another hot topic – the growing attention being paid to women’s health, specifically maternal health. One panel in … Read more

Apple’s iOS 17 Boosts Healthcare Journaling

Apple recently announced new tools for its Health app as part of the iOS 17 update that allow users to log their daily moods and emotions. Positioned as a mental health tool, it has the potential to be used more broadly for health journaling. It kicked off a round of emails from users, supporters and … Read more

Telehealth Best Practices: Dr Marta T. Becker of My Journal Health On How To Best Care For Your Patients When They Are Not Physically In Front Of You

One of the consequences of the pandemic is the dramatic growth of Telehealth and Telemedicine. But how can doctors and providers best care for their patients when they are not physically in front of them? What do doctors wish patients knew in order to make sure they are getting the best results even though they … Read more

iOS 15 and the Future of Healthcare

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) always brings interesting announcements about updates to hardware, new products, and changes to the iOS platform. The conference, which took place in early June, was very focused on iOS 15, otherwise known as Monterey. What was significant about this announcement was how iPhone and Apple Watch users will have increased … Read more