Overcoming America’s Troubling Track Record on Women’s Health

This month’s HLTH event in Las Vegas provided a fascinating glimpse into the state of healthcare and health technology. The growing shift to both telehealth and value-based care were seemingly everywhere. Nestled squarely within these trends was another hot topic – the growing attention being paid to women’s health, specifically maternal health. One panel in … Read more

New Survey Finds Journaling Is Critical Aid In Improving Health 

Journal My Health findings update and reinforce prior Pew Research study: 64% of people rely on journaling and 45% said it makes them feel more in control of their health. New survey results released today by Journal My Health, a platform for the collection, integration and analysis of patient-generated data, demonstrate the importance of journaling … Read more

Pandemic & Women’s Health

Over the weekend, the number three ranked female golfer in the world made headlines for an astounding reason. Lydia Ko was praised for her openness in referencing her period as the reason for back tightness during a tournament.  That’s right, on the first day of Women’s Health Month 2022, we’re still surprised when a woman … Read more

4 Tips to Prepare for a Medical Appointment in a Post-Pandemic World

I’m excited to have Dr. Marta Becker with us, as she shares her four top tips on how to prepare for a medical appointment. She is an ENT specialist with Jefferson-Abington Health from Philadelphia, PA. “Everybody wants to get in and out of their doctor’s office as quickly as possible, but not miss out on any important … Read more

April Showers Bring… April Misery?

A recent article in the Inquirer brought our attention back to a subject that is near and dear to our hearts: what effect does the weather have on people’s health?  As laypeople, many of us may have heard a friend or family member (or ourselves!) complain that their symptoms – joint pain, migraine, sinus problems, … Read more