Journal My Health Launches Android App Using Patient Data to Craft Personalized Health Stories

Free, personalized app helps patients improve their health outcomes by easily tracking symptoms and sharing reports of their health experience with providers Philadelphia, PA.  June 1, 2021 ⁠— Journal My Health – a health and wellness symptom tracking app designed to provide patients and their physicians more complete symptom awareness – has concluded private beta … Read more

How do we learn about COVID-19 long-haulers? Tracey Welson-Rossman’s new app helps them track symptoms

While many Americans can see the end of the pandemic in sight, for those who contracted COVID-19 and have developed chronic health conditions as a result, the pandemic’s effects will linger for a while. As scientists continue to learn about these patients — long haulers, as they’re often called — Tracey Welson-Rossman of Chariot Solutions and TechGirlz has launched a tech tool … Read more